Process Piping Co., Inc. has been in the Mechanical Contracting business since 1973.We specialize in industrial piping including; pipe fitting, pipe welding, sprinkler and boiler work. We are certified in various phases of pipe welding and hold licenses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

We are a full operating Mechanical Contracting firm working with piping systems ranging from stainless steel, hasteloy C-276, teflon lined, sanitary tubing, aluminum, fiberglass etc.  We work in a wide range of industrial facilities including food production plants, aviation facilities, textile production, printing facilities etc. 
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Our Goals
At Process Piping Co., Inc., our project managers are available to meet your project needs and budget.  We have an excellent safety record and offer competitive pricing. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients based on first class design and cost-effective solutions.

We take all the necessary measures to ensure a project's success.  All inquiries are given our personal attention.  Process Piping can accomodate your projects needs whether they are large or small.  

     Our Services

  • Commercial & Industrial Piping
  • Pipe Fitting & Pipe Welding  
  • Sprinkler Systems & Testing 
  • Gas Pipe Fitting
  • Heating Installation & Maintenance 
  • Plumbing 
  • 24 Hour Emergency & Maintenance Support 

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Process Piping Co. Inc. is located in Methuen, Masschusetts. We provide services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, including avaition facilities, food manufacturing facilities, textile manufacturing etc.
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Methuen, Massachusetts